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In the United Kingdom, there is often no difference between a low-key and folkish restaurant and a traditional one. The British have enjoyed their bars and their corner side clubs for hundreds of years, and bonhams restaurant is a downstairs pub that seamlessly blends older and more modern trends. It is technically a kitchen for an auction house of the same name, but its food is so prestigious that the whole public sees fit to come in.


As is typical of small bar eateries, there is no large menu and instead, the cook produces a daily meal that might be purchased alongside cold beverages and other food products. It is possible to purchase beer and wine in this establishment, and it also serves a variety of cafe drinks. The only limitations are the small floor area and the preference for daily special hot food.


This is a place for professionals to relax in between auctions. It is casual dining in a very formal area. It is meant for business people to unwind or else to discuss a deal in a relaxed setting. It is officially described as a casual-elegant dining arena, and the availability of posh wines and coffee does add to the sophistication of the bar.


There are only a few cooks on staff at any given time, and the usually cook a few entrees to go along with the wide selection of drinks and finger food. This means that the type of meal depends on the evening as the menu will rotate on a daily or even monthly basis. This is a good reason to come in frequently to taste relatively rare treats by rare cooks.


These meals have been described as slightly overpriced, with an entree plus a quality wine might costing 80 pounds or so. The public has to keep in mind that this establishment caters to business people and is more of a kitchen than a restaurant. It is part of a larger establishment and serves its customers. The public is free to come in and eat, but they are being challenged with the same fees as the auction house patrons.


This does not mean that the atmosphere and the food are not worth it. The surrounding neighborhood is a financial district, with the Bonhams auction house being located near Bond and Brook Streets. A place that routinely caters to financial professionals will likely serve excellent food and beverage at a somewhat premium price. There are more expensive places to eat, and this out-of-the-way pub is more accessible than restaurants that require reservations.


To better describe the cooking, it is authentically British and Scandanavian. The cooks are skilled at ethnic cuisine, and this is not fast food being served. It is derived from classical food preparation techniques and would be familiar to anyone who visits old restaurants that cook traditional foods as they have been for hundreds of years. The goal is not faster production but quality and a genuine taste. The food is worth the cost of labour.